“Assembling Globalization” – Call for Papers: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference – September 2015

This call for papers for the RGS-IBG Annual Conference seeks contributions that explore globalization and its impacts through the application of assemblage approaches in human geography.

The concept of assemblage has been deployed from various theoretical positions to examine; new translocal and transnational social, economic and environment complexes and relationships (Hollander, 2010; Li, 2014; Rankin, 2008), diasporic communities and networks (Mullings, 2012), translocal forms of organizing (Featherstone, 2011), the repositioning of cities with global networks (Sassen, 2006) and the involvement of ‘global assemblages’ in negotiating technological and ethical challenges (Collier and Ong, 2005). However, whilst these studies have illuminated particular dimensions of globalization, few efforts have been made to apply assemblage thinking in a systematic manner to a coherent, critical analysis of globalization as process. Such an endeavour has the potential to extend the relational analyses of globalization pioneered by Amin and Massey, drawing especially on the emphases within Deleuzian and Foucauldian-informed renderings of assemblage theory of dynamism, contingency, relationality, hybridity and territorialisation.

The session therefore seeks to bring together papers applying assemblage thinking to the study of globalization to formulate a dialogue around this proposed research agenda. Contributions are invited that employ assemblage thinking to the investigation of any aspect of globalization and its impacts, including – but not limited to – global economic and social relations, corporate networks, migration, new technologies, global environmental change, alter-globalization movements and translocal political action, and the renegotiation of community and the restructuring of place in the context of globalization. Contributions that approach assemblage from Deleuzian, Foucaldian, Latourian or other conceptual framings, utilising qualitative and/or quantitative methods, and drawn from any geographical context (urban/rural, global north/global south) are encouraged.

Proposals for papers, with a title, a short abstract of 250 words and your full contact details, should be sent to one the co-organisers by 5pm on Monday 16th February 2015:

Session organisers: Laura Jones (lgj@aber.ac.uk), Marc Welsh (maw@aber.ac.uk), Michael Woods (m.woods@aber.ac.uk).

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